Below is a list of upcoming events. Contact us to register over the phone or for more information.

Intuitive Eating Support Group

What: 8 (2 hour) sessions
Time: Saturdays 9-11am
Dates: September 8th – November 10th (with a 2 week break from October 6th-13th)
Cost: $350

Are you wanting to make nutrition and health a priority but without the restriction and rules? Then this course is for you! Join Lauren Collins, Registered Dietitian, for an 8 week course focusing on intuitive eating. Intuitive eating is a non-diet approach to health and wellness. With the tools provided you will work on healing your relationship with food by listening to your body’s internal cues vs. the restrictive demands that diet culture puts on us. You will have the knowledge from a registered dietitian to guide you, along with the support from others in the group. This course is appropriate for anyone wanting to become a normal eater but especially for those look ing to ditch the diet mentality, heal from disordered eating, and/or make your health a priority in a way that feels good mentally, physically, and emotionally. To learn more please call or email Lauren Collins using contact information below.

Contact Lauren Collins, RD
Phone: 317-508-3427

Eating Disorder Recovery Support Group for Adult Women

When: Wednesdays, 5:30pm-6:30pm

Our Eating Disorder Recovery Support Group is held weekly for adult women looking for additional support in their journey towards eating disorder recovery. Contact Kate Fisch for more information and to find out if our group is a good fit for you.

Contact Kate Fisch, LCSW

Stay tuned for more information on these upcoming workshops and support groups:
  • Newlyweds Marriage “Booster Shot” Workshop
  • Quarterly Mindfulness Workshop for Kids
  • Positive Body Image Workshop for Adult Women
  • Four Part Series “Positive You” for Middle School Girls
  • Nutrition Recovery Support Group for Eating Disorder Recovery