Counseling Intern Program

Counseling Intern Program

Counseling interns are master’s level students in the final year of their CACREP accredited graduate program.  They are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality of care for our clients.  The Counseling Intern Program allows us to reach more clients, offer deeply discounted services, and assist students in becoming competent and informed professional counselors.


Why would I see an intern?

Aside from the reduced rate, there are some strong positives of working with an intern:

  • Interns work closely with a fully licensed and experience supervisor at Northside, which means you essentially have two therapists for the “price” of one.
  • Interns have a much smaller caseload which means more time to focus on your needs.
  • Interns are actively studying the most recent developments and evidence-based interventions in the mental health field.

Are interns qualified?

Our interns are currently going through extensive training to become licensed to practice independently as a therapist; internship is the last phase of the master’s program.  During the internship portion of their program, interns receive weekly supervision with an experience, licensed counselor to ensure quality therapy services.  Interns work closely with their supervisors to give clients the best care possible.

Will I meet with the same intern for each session?

Absolutely.  We believe that the relationship between the therapist and client is an important factor for your progress.  Your comfort with the intern will allow you to focus on yourself while obtaining the skills you need to thrive.

How often will I attend sessions?

The therapeutic process is tailored to each individual.  The intern and client will work together to determine a schedule that works best for each client’s needs.  This can look like weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions and can be modified as the client progresses through therapy.

What happens at the end of the internship?

Interns contract with Northside for the duration of the requirement of their program, which is typically 6-12 months.  At the conclusion of the internship, if your intern leaves Northside to practice elsewhere, you will have the option to follow your therapist or begin seeing another therapist at Northside.  If your intern remains at Northside post-graduation, you may continue to see your therapist.  *Please note that the reduced fee associated with seeing an intern will no longer apply and the rate per session will increase.

What is the cost per sessions?

The rate to see an intern is $50 per session, each session is typically 1 hour.  Payment is required at the time of service and can be made by cash or check.  If you wish to use a credit card, there will be a $1 processing fee for each charge.  Many clients choose this option if they don’t have insurance, or they can’t afford to use their insurance.  Others choose this option because they are on a limited budget.  Everyone qualifies and anyone can use this option for counseling.  There is not a cap or a limit on the number of sessions a client can use.  *Please indicate that you would like to work with an intern at the time of scheduling as slots are limited.

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