Anorexia Nervosa Treatment

Anorexia Treatment in Indianapolis, IN is Here at Northside Mental Health

It’s not just the thin, waif-like girl in the movies. Anorexia can affect you in many ways.

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Often misunderstood, Anorexia Nervosa is a very serious and potentially life-threatening disorder. We know far too many people are dealing with this issue. Most often, anorexia includes severe restriction of food resulting in weight loss and an intense fear of weight gain.  In spite of our culture’s common depiction of anorexia, it is not always possible to tell if someone is struggling with this problem just by looking at them. Further, anorexia can affect people of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, races, and ethnicities. 

Here are some of the common signs and symptoms that you or a loved one may be dealing with anorexia:

  • Severe restriction of food/energy intake
  • Rapid and/or notable weight loss
  • Refusal to maintain body weight needed for a person’s age and height
  • Dresses in layers of clothing to keep warm and/or hide an emaciated body
  • Obsession with food, weight, calories, or body shape
  • Fear of weight gain, warped perception of body shape and size
  • Maintains excessive exercise regime despite weather, illness, or injury
  • An intense need for control over food choices or meal planning

Medical dictionary open at the anorexia nervosa page also lying on the page are a doctors stethoscope tape measure tablets and pills for eating disorders and eating disorder treatment in Indianapolis, IN 46220. Our eating disorder specialists can help with binge eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, and bulimia treatment at Northside Mental Health.

There are two types of Anorexia Nervosa; restricting type, and binge, purge type. 

Anorexia nervosa, restricting type – 

This type is used to describe individuals who do not eat enough food to maintain appropriate body weight. 

Anorexia binge, purge type – 

The binge-purge type refers to individuals who, in addition to restriction, engage in binge eating behavior and/or purging behaviors such as self-induced vomiting or excessive exercising. 

Our Team Approach to Anorexia Treatment at Northside Mental Health Can Help You Heal

Research tells us time and time again that treatment for anorexia nervosa is best provided in a team setting.  This means an individual working to heal from anorexia would still see a therapist. Plus, you would be under the care of a primary physician. You may also meet with a dietician, and sometimes a psychiatrist.

In coordinated care for anorexia, your providers work together to help ensure you get the best possible treatment. Using this team strategy, these providers talk regularly with each other and you, the patient. Finally, the team will collaborate on the care plan to create consistent expectations for everyone involved.

Let us work together, with you.

Here at Northside, we have strong ties to providers in the Indianapolis community. This includes surrounding areas with eating disorder sensitive physicians, dieticians, and other therapists. We also value working with parents and loved ones of eating disorder patients. Our commitment to the team approach to anorexia treatment often allows us to provide support for an individual struggling with anorexia here in the out-patient setting.

In addition to treating anorexia, our therapists can help with:


People sitting in a circle for group counseling in Indianapolis, INNorthside offers other recovery-oriented services in addition to traditional therapy. For you, this might mean a group or workshop setting to aid in your treatment. Your participation in groups can help boost support in the process of recovery.

Group therapy, dietician facilitated restaurant outings, recovery coach services, and peer-led support groups are just some of the additional services offered here. Ask your provider, or check out our calendar of events to learn more and see when these other services are offered.


If you are looking to establish care for yourself or a loved one at our Indianapolis treatment center, we are ready to get started. Starting anorexia treatment can seem overwhelming. Of course, we know you might have questions. So, you can follow these simple steps to move toward recovery:

  1. Contact us to set up your first appointment.
  2. Meet with a skilled, caring therapist.
  3. Work toward recovery and the next chapter of your beautiful life.


Did you know: our founder’s original passion and experience is in eating disorder treatment and addiction recovery. Working with parents and supporters of eating disorder patients is one of Kate’s specialties. We offer counseling for individuals and families including providing substance abuse counselingsexual assault counselingtrauma therapy & PTSD treatment. We have EMDR specialists and professionals to assist with affair recovery. Throughout the year, we also hold workshops and groups for a number of emotional & mental health issues you may be dealing with. Please reach out and let us know how we can help support you to live your best, most fulfilled life.